Quality is an essential, inseparable part of every process at Excel Parking. Our quality shows in every aspect of our business. A commitment to excellence is required of every employee at Excel Parking, regardless of the job they do. Our quality policy is to assure conformance to the service through excellence of execution in the delivery of our service to our valued customers.

Our Customer Service Representative who usually are the female employees who will be stationed at the Exit Kiosks who has the below qualities:-

Wants to delight customers, above and beyond the call of duty.
Has intimate knowledge of the customer's needs.
Has empathy for the customers situation.
Are able to communicate clearly, both written and in speaks in polite manner.
Talks in a way the customer could understand.
Able to handle unpleasant customers and scenarios.
Handles in the best interest of both customer and company.
Has a pleasant, friendly style.
Are willing to build a long-term relationship with the customer.
Greet the customer by saying 'Good Morning Sir', 'Thank You Sir', 'Have a Great Day' and etc.
Attend customer service training on monthly basis by trained professionals.

We always value our customer's feedback and complaint. Therefore, we deal with all comments and complaints seriously. We promise that we will treat feedback or complaint fairly and impartially. We aim to respond the feedback promptly regardless of the subject matter, the way in which we are been contacted with the comment or complaint. If we are unable to respond at the first point of contact, we aim to deal with the comment or complaint within 5 working days of receipt. In our communication to the feedback we will advice as below:-

Explain on the issue in detailed.
Apologize when it is appropriate.
Take action to remedy the situation, when possible.

If the person who made the feedback are not satisfied with the response they receive, can take the matter further and contact relevant manager at Excel Parking which the contact detail will be displayed at the Entrance and Exit Kiosk.